What is Xen Virtualization

Xen virtualization is designed to simulate paravirtualization technology. This program allows you to choose on the type of virtualization to execute. Virtualization has been around for decades now, when it all started with IBM developing support for virtualization on their mainframe. Ever since, there were dozens of virtualization projects that came up that can run on Linux/UNIX as well as other operating systems out there. Although this move was worth it all, one thing was certain and it was that all of these virtualization solutions run slow. However, things are looking brighter for the virtualization industry now that Xen Virtualization is here. With its outstanding performance which is closer to that of previous visualization projects this product has certainly caught the attention of a lot of people who have knowledge in the matter.

If you are going to look at Xen Virtualization reviews, you will learn that the goal of Xen is allowing you to utilize the resources of your computer as well as server through the use of virtual devices as well as paravirtualization. To understand what paravirtualization is all about, you need to learn first what full virtualization is. Full virtualization is created to provide total abstraction of the physical system underlying the program as well as creating a virtual system where other operating systems can get to execute their program. Full virtualization allows guest operating systems to run their own program without the need for alterations.

Full virtualization has actually an advantage especially when it comes to transitioning application use from one physical system to the next. It also helps secure the task on hand since it isolates the applications. The only problem is that full virtualization compromises its performance that is why paravirtualization is designed to fix it. When it comes to paravirtualization, operating systems that are deemed as guests are modified so that they will know that they are running on a foreign interface thus letting them perform near native commands. However, this system is still being developed.

Xen virtualization and paravirtualization Architecture

Xen Virtualization

Xen Paravirtualization

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As I said above Xen virtualization is designed to simulate paravirtualization technology and it allows you to choose on the type of virtualization to execute. Whether you will be opting for full virtualization which is preferred by many due to its portability and doesnt require modifications on guest OS or you will be choosing paravirtualization which will enhance your performance albeit the need for alterations on the guest OS, Xen virtualization can help make your decision easier for you. This system is still being run and tested for bugs and the like where developers are hoping that they can get to integrate it into the Linux system so their customers can make use of their virtualization tools easier and with better results.

When it comes to virtualization, there are lots of people who are anticipating the release of improved Xen virtualization. With this tool on hand their virtualization experience will be smoother and more enjoyable as well.

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