What is virtualization software ?

The computer related industry evolved like no same person could ever predict and as we speak solutions, like virtualization software, are being developed to ease every aspect of our live. But imagine what if this industry would have evolved differently? Visualize only being capable to run a single software application at a time on your pc. Imagine that, so that you check your email, you would have to turn off your media player? Wouldn't that be chore?

I think you already got the idea that we take for granted the fact that we are able to use numerous software applications in the same time, but our needs raise with every generation and now we need to run several operating systems on a computer at once. That is the job of the virtualization software that are programs which allow you use more than one operating systems at the same time on a single PC. That means that with virtualization software, you can use several operating systems on a physical machine. The technology is quite on a high demand and as a response to this demand, it comes as a built-in feature of Windows 7 Professional and of Windows Server 2008 R2.

In this article I am planning to present you general information about virtualization software and show you how does it work. The basic idea for using virtualization software is that you can turn a computer in several computers and by doing so you can save money, time, space and energy.

How does Virtualization Software work ?

The concept of virtualization software, of enabling to use several operating systems in the same time is quite old, but the perfect solutions were recently developed and the virtualization software simplified the hole process.

Virtualization software works as any usual application. First of all you have to start your PC. After that you have to load the virtualization program. Once you did that, you can install any operating system from its source. The main operation system is named host and the newly virtual operating system is called guest.

Virtualization Software

Virtualization Implementation

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From the moment the virtualization software starts working, every other operating system installed on your computer will start acting like a different computer. As an example, a computer can run a Linux server as a host, three Windows servers, and another Linux server as guest that means four guests and one host you can access at the same time. In this network, each system would appear as a separate server but still all of them can interact as any network of computers, enabling files exchange and all the other things you can do with a network, except you can do it all from a single machine, saving money and space.

Virtualization software benefits

The main benefit of virtualization software is that it permits you to augment your server infrastructure without you having to buy another hardware devices. That means basically that you can save some money by streamlining your hardware resources.

virtualization software benefits

Environment protection

Simply by not adding additional hardware pieces, virtualization software will also help saving you money on your energy bill. It's well known that the energy costs for a running server is more expensive than the purchase price, that's why the big enterprises are interested more and more on using virtualization software to obtain a minimization of their operating costs.

Easier Management

Managing the virtual machine is easier than handling a physical machine and by that I'm referring to the hardware upgrades, which can be done in the virtual machine simply by using a management console application.

Recovery Time and Back-ups

Virtual machines are made of files and backing up those files is faster and simpler than doing that for several usual computers. Even if the files are being immense, a directory full of such files is easier to recover than a real computer with the same parameters.
Other aspect that needs mentioning is the possibility of hardware failure, which can be imminent at any time with the physical machines and impossible with virtual machines test.
Virtualization software can bring you yet another benefit. If you want to check out if a certain program is compatible with any existing system setup, you can try it by testing it on a virtual machine before. This could be very useful to big companies that manage huge networks.

Virtualization Software Options

Virtualization software is now available for many needs and budgets, such as free virtualization software for PC users up to packages of hundreds of thousands of dollars for datacenter operators companies.
So, the virtualization software of your choice should meet all your requires and fortunately the market today offers a great diversity and everyone's needs are covered. The client should also take in consideration the number of existing physical machine and the sort of tech support disposable at your company.

On this website, that is dedicated entirely to virtualization software, everyone will find general information about the matter, that will help potential clients to find the perfect program as well as reviews for the products of the main players of the virtualization software market.

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