VMware Player Review

License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Windows Xp - Windows 7
Requirements: - 1 GHz CPU or faster and at least 1GB of RAM (Recommended: 2GB)
- 150MB disk space to set up the application
Date Update: Aug 19, 2011
Developer: VMware
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VMware Player is the free virtualization PC tool from VMware Inc. that allows you to run multiple OS on your personal computer. It has a user-friendly interface, making it the favorite free desktop virtualization software on the market

With this tool, you can effortlessly use Windows 8 Developer Release, Chrome OS, Windows 7, or other releases from Linux. In addition, you can make separate virtual machines and safely examine new software, or experiment with new OS or you can surf the internet. In fact, you can also use VMware Player to run a virtual backup of your old PC, so you can recycle any PCs stocked on your cabinet.

This player is the best tool to use in running new software and virtual appliance. These virtual appliances are pre-configured, pre-built, and are ready to run software applications that come along with the OS in a virtual machine. You can quickly experience all the advantages of that application without any configuration or installation problems.

VMware Player vs. XP Mode

This player allows you run Windows XP legacy better than the XP mode. Using the VMware, you can run your windows XP with faster performance, tighter integration, and better graphics. This player has drag and drop folders, shared folders, and unity. Indeed, this is the better way to run your Windows XP using Windows 7. Opt for the "vCenter Converter" to make use of your current Windows personal computer to a virtual machine. You can also get rid of the need to re-configure or to re-install applications.

VMware Player is Highly-Advanced

This product is built for over ten years of excellence in virtualization. It runs the most complicated applications using its advance memory and CPU technology. It can run 32-bit up to 64-bit OS including 64GB RAM and eight more virtual CPUs assigned to each machine. It can also enable driverless printing which allows your PC to be automatically accessible to Linux and Windows virtual machines. For this, there is no configuration or drivers needed.

VMware Player Screenshots

VMware Player

VMware Player review VMware Player screenshot VMware Player screenshot

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What else do you need to know about the VMware Player?

With this player, you don't need another VM product to use and run this tool. This allows you to make and run several virtual machines, but you need to upgrade to VMware Workstation if you need to use developer features like multiple "Clones" and "Snapshots" or "Virtual Rights Management" for end-point security.

What is the PC requirement of the VMware Player? For the normal host system, you're advised to have at least 1 GHz or faster and at least 1GB of RAM (Recommended: 2GB). In this light, you need to have enough memory to run and manage the host OS. In addition, you need memory allotted for every guest OS and documentation of application for memory requirements. The VMware Player needs about 150MB disk space to set up the application.

Meanwhile, the VMware Player isn't designed to be installed to other products of the VMware. When you install this player with other products like VMware Ace, VMware Server, or VMware Workstation, there will be an error message in the screen. If you want this player to work with other VMware products, you need the VMware Workstation 8 because it includes the player upon purchase.

With all the benefits you get with this free virtualization product from VMware, there is nothing more to ask. All the convenience and features it offers you are amazing, so what are you waiting for ? Grab your copy now! Check out online sellers and distributors of this innovative VMware Player.

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