VMware Fusion 4 Review

License: Trialware
Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP
Requirements: - Any 64-bit capable Intel® Mac. (Compatible with Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7 processors or better)
- Minimum 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended)
- 750MB free disk space for VMware Fusion and at least 5GB for each virtual machine
- Mac OS X 10.6.7 or later; OS X Lion recommended
Date Update: Oct 12, 2011
Developer: VMware
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Download: Download VMware Fusion 4 free for 30 days
Software Price: Buy Buy VMware Fusion 4 - ( 44,99 € )

When you mention the word virtualization to most Mac users, one of the first things that pop into their head is a little thing called VMware Fusion. VMware Fusion is a commercially-available software solution for virtualization on Intel-based Macs that has just been updated to version 4, specifically designed for Mac OS X Lion. If you are currently searching for a virtualization solution that you can use, you will no doubt come across many recommendations of VMware Fusion 4.

But is VMware Fusion really that good ? Is it worth the price you have to pay for it considering the kinds of features that you can expect to get from it? How does it compare to other virtualization solutions available in the market today? If you would like to find out the answers to all of these questions and more, then this article is for you. Simply continue reading the rest of the following paragraphs in order to get all of the important details that you need.

First of all, it's important to discuss what exactly VMware Fusion actually is. VMware Fusion 4, as mentioned above, is a virtualization solution for Intel-based Macs from Apple that are running Mac OS X Lion. It is a software product that will enable any user to run any number of virtual machines called guest operating systems alongside one main operating system called the host, which in this case is the primary Mac OS X Lion installation.

Why would anyone want to run a second, a third, or perhaps even a fourth operating system inside a primary one? Well, there are many applications. First of all, a user would effectively be able to control more than just one computer. Having virtual machines up and running will allow for a wide range of different applications.

VMware Fusion 4 allows any Mac user to run Windows and in fact any Windows-based programs right inside Mac OS X Lion. As you may already know, Windows still owns a large percentage of the desktop market. And as such, even though you may have already made the choice to completely drop Windows from your life, there’s a good chance that there’s still at least a program or two that you need out of Windows. Although Apple offers users the ability to run Windows and Windows-based programs on their Macs through the use of Boot Camp, VMware Fusion 4 is a vastly superior solution.

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VMware Fusion 4
VMware Fusion 4 VMware Fusion 4 review VMware Fusion 4 review
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VMware Fusion 4 even more Mac-like

On top of the many great features introduced in the first three versions of VMware Fusion for Mac, VMware Fusion 4 brings more than 90 new features to the table. As noted earlier, it has been designed specifically for Mac OS X Lion. It now offers an even more "Mac-like" experience for users, sparing them of the clunky and rather uninviting Windows user interface.

vmware fusion 4

VMware Fusion 4 - Faster Graphics - Better performance

And apart from eye candy, VMware Fusion 4 also offers a much-needed performance boost with up to 2.5 times faster 3D graphics performance compared with the previous version VMware Fusion 3. Finally, VMware Fusion 4 officially supports more than 200 operating systems, even Mac OS X Lion itself. So you can actually run a virtual system inside your primary system with Lion installed on both of them. And then of course, you’re free to install Windows and any number of other available and officially supported operating systems.

vmware fusion 4 3d performance graphics

VMware Fusion also boasts the ability to switch to Mac and run Windows without needing to reboot the computer. This will help users save a tremendous amount of time and get more work done on primary and virtual systems alike.

But perhaps the best known feature of VMware Fusion 4 is its price. Affordability is one of its key assets. Instead of at the usual retail price, VMware Fusion 4 is currently available for a promo price that gives users nearly 40% off. For something that's consistently rated by users as the number one software solution for virtualization on Intel-based Macs, that’s one great deal. And what’s more, there’s also a free trial version available right on the manufacturer’s web site. VMware Fusion 4 truly is the only Mac virtualization solution that you need.

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