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VirtualBox was created to ease the life of the companies whose IT department consumes a lot of money for server hardware. It's also very helpful for desktop developers since it allows them to test stuff in a safe environment and to the web developers, because it allows them to install several browsers on another operating system.

VirtualBox has barely any limitations, compared to the other popular virtualization software. I am saying this for various reasons. First of all, it's so user friendly that it can be used by any home user. If that didn't convince you yet I can also say that it's so powerful that it can be used by the profile companies and the best thing of all is that VirtualBox has free versions.

You can run VirtualBox on any of the following operating systems: any of the Windows from 95 to 7, on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X. You can create any type of guest systems, that include even OpenBSD and MS- DOS.

The original developer of VirtualBox was Innotek, which was later absorbed by Oracle. This is why at the moment VirtualBox comes as a part of their extensive support system.

From all the features of VirtualBox I must say I'm the most impressed by the VirtualBox Monitor. What is the VirtualBox Monitor ? Well, it's a little gadget that comes in handy on your PC when you are using VirtualBox . It is named specifically Virtual Box Monitor Gadget for Windows. It's main function is tracking and reporting CPU and memory usage of each virtual machine created by VirtualBox.

VirtualBox Monitor Gadget

What is so interesting about VirtualBox monitor gadget is that it shows you which of the virtual machines are using most of your CPU resources and by using just Vista CPU Usage gadget, you won't be able to do that. By setting some options, you get to see just the running virtual machines and also the maximum number of virtual machines to show on the sidebar.

Virtualbox monitor is a fantastic application, which allows running multiple instances of various operating systems concurrently. Never the less to get full screen guest to work on the second monitor is not going to work by default, like the fullscreens on the primary. It was a little hard until I understood how to do this, but I managed it eventually and now I'm sharing it with you. If you're having trouble with VirtualBox monitor you can simply follow these steps:

  • (Host+F) - Fullscreen
  • (Host+Home - only in full screen) - Hidden Menu
  • View>Virtual Screen 1>Use Host Screen 2

The latest version of the VirtualBox 3.2 offers a cool new feature - the multi monitor support. It offers the guest virtual machine up to eight virtual screens. They can be displayed some separate windows on the host physical machine. It's the most handy feature with the fullscreens or seamless modes. In the seamless modes, VirtualBox Monitor shows a virtual screen on a physical screen and with this you can have your virtual Windows span across all the screens on a Linux host.

To get an image of VirtualBox monitor I give you a screen shot on how does it look while running on Vista or Windows 7 sidebar.

ScreenShots for VirtualBox Monitor

VirtualBox Monitor

VirtualBox Monitor

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The configuration can be done as follows:

  • Select the "Display" category on the "Settings" window of the virtual machine.
  • On the "Monitor Count" slider, you can select the number of virtual screens, which should be equal to the connected ones to the machine.

If the guest machine isn't running, you won't be able to map the virtual screens to physical screens for fullscreen and seamless modes. You can achieve that through the Menu or by pressing the Host-Key which by default is right CTRL and the home-key. There's a new addition named View in which you can adjust the maps to your specific needs.
As you can see already there are numerous benefits that comes with the VirtualBox latest version and with its magic gadget VirtualBox Monitor, and hopefully this presentation helped you to better understand this virtualization software.

VirtualBox Monitor gadgetYou can download VirtualBox Monitor Gadget latest version from HERE.
VirtualBoxYou can download VirtualBox latest version from HERE.

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