Privacy Policy - VirtualizationSoftwares respects the individual privacy and protects your personal information. We won't require you to provide any personal information in order to browse

Do we ask and collect any information ?

No, we won't ask you for anything. When you're placing an order on, you are in fact living our website and you are placing the order directly on the developer's product page. In order to protect your data, you should read their "privacy policy" statement.

The processors protect customer information ?

Developers use secure server and other 3rd party credit card processors usually encrypt information for preventing any malicious use of your personal information.

About cookies

We are not using cookies for better understand what services are valuable to customers, like other websites do. A cookie is a small text file that a website writes to your HDD, considered harmless in most cases, but yet we don't use them.

For any further questions please use the Contact Us page of

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